Shri. R. V. Bidap Karnatak Rashtriya Education Society.

Karnatak Rashtriya Education Society

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Who we are?

Karnatak Rashtriya Education Society(KRES) established in 1942

It is the master mind of Shri R.V. Bidap who founded the Society under the name of "Karnatak Rashtirya Education Society Bidar", It's aim is to:

  1. To establish, run, maintain and expand various types of educational institutions and ancillary establishments including hostels libraries.
  2. To organize mobile libraries, clubs or academic interest and take steps to spread adult education specially in backward classes.
  3. To organize and conduct cultural activities
  4. To create K.R.E. Society's trust vesting all immobile assets of the society in it.
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Sri. Baswaraj Jabshetty

President K R E Society Bidar

International outlook, democratic ideals and the potentialities are the inspiring force behind the successful growth of our institution. In the modern world, there is no career without knowledge and no knowledge without education. Education plays an important role in molding, shaping and preparing youngsters to face the challenges of the future. Keeping in view the innumerable employment opportunities in the future. Teacher education programme is a fundamental component of any successful education programme. Keeping this in view our institution undertakes to evolve efficient and competent teachers for the cause of quality education.

Our Inspirations

Viswa Guru Basweshwar

A Great Reformer

Shri Ma. Gha. Cha. Channabasava,Pattadevru

A Toiled Soul

Lok Nayak Jaya Prakash Narayan.

Soul Of The Nation